Revised Wheat Stock Limits for Traders/ Wholesalers, Retailers, Big Chain Retailers and Processors

Entities exceeding the prescribed limits are mandated to bring their stocks within the limits within 30 days of the notification. Central and State Government officials will closely monitor and enforce these stock limits to prevent …

Central Government further regulates Wheat Stock Limits

This amendment aims to regulate and maintain appropriate stock levels of wheat across the country. It is essential for all stakeholders, including traders, retailers, big chain retailers, and processors, to adhere to these revised stock …

State Governments to continuously monitor the stock and prices of Tur and Urad

In the meeting, the state governments were asked to continuously monitor the prices and verify the stock positions of stock-holding entities and take strict action on those who violated the stock limits order. 

Stock limits on Wheat applicable to Wholesalers/Traders, Retailers, Big Chain Retailers and Processors

The Removal of Licensing Requirements, Stock Limits, and Movement Restrictions on Specified Foodstuffs (Amendment) Order, 2023 has been implemented with immediate effect from 12th June, 2023, and will remain in force until 31st March, 2024. …

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