Landmark Initiatives to Boost Ayush Sector Launched in North East India

The highlight of the event was the inauguration of the first-ever dedicated Panchakarma block in the North East region. This facility, situated at CARI, is equipped with modern amenities and will provide Panchakarma therapies to …

National Commission for Homoeopathy (General) Regulations, 2023

In a collaborative effort, the regulations mandate a joint sitting of the National Commission for Homoeopathy, the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine, and the National Medical Commission at least once a year. This …

National Commission For Homoeopathy Introduces New Regulations for Examinations

The regulations outline the establishment of an independent “Examination Cell” tasked with coordinating and conducting various examinations. The Examination Cell is mandated to verify data submitted by medical institutions, ensuring compliance with specified criteria. Failure …

Corrigendum Issued for Delhi Health Service (Teaching Cadre of Homoeopathy) Rules, 2023

In the original notification, Schedule III, specifically at Serial Number 1, related to the post of Principal, there was a discrepancy in the “Field of Selection and minimum qualifying service for promotion” column. The notification …

National Commission for Homoeopathy (Recognition of Qualifications of Homoeopathy) Regulations, 2023

The regulations aim to streamline the process of listing and maintaining recognized medical qualifications, ensuring transparency and uniformity across the board.

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