FSSAI Releases Updated List of Accredited Laboratories for Testing Fortificants in Fortified Rice Products

This announcement reinforces FSSAI’s commitment to maintaining stringent quality control measures in the fortification of rice products. The revised list of approved laboratories marks another step in the direction of enhancing transparency and accountability in …

Standards of Vitamin and Mineral Premix for FRK

The intent behind this interim operationalisation is to strengthen national-level fortification programme and its implementation. Hence, the standards relating to limits of micro nutrients in the vitamin and mineral pre-mix in FRK have been operationalised.

New Guidelines On Sampling Of Fortified Rice Products

The main goal of these guidelines is to establish a standardized method of sampling to guarantee fair and valid procedures. This is crucial, especially when FRKs, FR and Vitamin Mineral Premix for FRK are subjected …

Registrations Discontinued for Manufacturers of Fortified Rice Kernel

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued an order to strengthen the quality control mechanism for Fortified Rice (FR), Fortified Rice Kernel (FRK) and Pre-mix for FRK. This order was based …

FSSAI Approves Methods of Testing for Fortified Rice Kernel Analysis

These methods have undergone rigorous scrutiny by the scientific community and are deemed to provide accurate results, setting a new standard for assessing the nutritional content of fortified rice. The directive from the Scientific Panel …

FSSAI revises list of Notified Laboratories for Testing Fortified Rice and Rice Products

FSSAI had originally published a list of notified laboratories for testing of these fortificants in the above stated products on 13th October, 2023. Subsequently, a revised list of notified laboratories was published on 19th October, …

List of Referral Laboratories for Testing Fortified Rice and Rice Products

Only those samples that fail in the primary food testing laboratories notified for testing FR, FRK and Vitamin- Mineral Premix for FRK shall be sent to the presently notified referral food laboratories. All concerned stakeholders …

FSSAI Labs testing Fortified Rice to Report Results on Infolnet Portal

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued an order mandating that FSSAI notified laboratories must upload test reports of Fortified Rice Kernel (FRK) and Vitamin-Mineral Premix for FRK on the Infolnet …

FSSAI directs Detailed Ingredient Labeling for Fortified Foods

FSSAI emphasizes the importance of specifying the exact ingredients in the list of ingredients on labels or accompanying documents for both retail and non-retail containers. By providing a detailed ingredient list, FBOs can ensure that …

Food Safety Standards and Initiatives Reviewed at 41st CAC Meeting

One of the recommendations made during the meeting was that food business operators (FBOs) would no longer be required to renew their licenses annually. Instead, licenses can now be issued for up to 5 years.

FSSAI issues advisory on Shelf life of Fortified Rice and Fortified Rice Kernel

FSSAI has instructed all FSSAI notified laboratories not to mention the date of expiry or any information related to shelf life of FR and FRKs until further orders.

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