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Have we complied with all Applicable Laws ? 

Are there any Gaps, Risks of Possible Penalties ?

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Goal Features

GOAL - Govern Online to Achieve Legal Compliance

Legal risk and compliance management software

GOAL stands for Govern Online to Achieve Legal Compliance. Your all in one compliance management solutions

This software application, in a nutshell helps business owners get answers to questions which plagues organizations the most. ” Non Compliance” . Whether its about statutory compliance in hr, statutory compliances for private limited company or statutory compliance checklist in excel format this compliance management software GOAL / compliance management solutions caters to all your needs in Regulatory compliance.

Most businesses either have a legal team on their own, or outsource / seek the assistance from professionals to manage all their statutory compliance requirements.

To know if you experience the common problems in your organization, Click on the structure most applicable for your organization

If you select any (or both) of the options above, then you need GOAL


  • Control on compliance
  • An alerting mechanism for due dates
  • A real time dashboard and reports on status of compliance
  • The ability to store records linked to compliance responsibility
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Filings & Compliance

We Cover The Following

Corporate Laws Compliance

Labour Compliance

Taxation – direct and indirect tax compliance

FEMA Compliances

Industrial Law

Export/ Import related regulations

NBFC regulations

Food regulations

Building and safety regulations

Governance related regulations

STPI/ SEZ compliances

What Can you get with GOAL ?

All statutory and procedural requirements are automatically listed by the software as individual compliance items, against which evidence of each compliance are tracked and managed thereby increasing transparency.

This also helps you with a clear view of compliance gaps, by comparing what is required statutorily, and what is done.

Get started and tracking from the word Go.

Every compliance item gets automatically graded as Red, Amber or Green (R.A.G) based on the compliance status at that moment.

With the R-A-G grading for each compliance item and quick reference reports, get a quick snapshot of your company’s compliance status.

What do these colours say about your company’s statutory compliance health?

Ignorance is not Bliss, especially under the law. With access to regular news information, and automatic updates to compliance requirements. You stay updated, and informed. Always.

With automatic alerts and early warning systems reminding users of each pending compliance item, take timely action.

Why Us

  • Our Team of experts have 30+ years of industry experience
  • GOAL today severs to track 50,000+ compliances
  • We are constantly in touch with the changing legal landscape through audits, Training and advisory services
  • Our pricing plans provide predictability of outflow for our clients
  • We do not place any user restrictions for our tool
  • We have a track record of 99.99% application uptime
  • Our suite of Compliance modules are Customizable

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    GOAL is an online software that is always available*, and lets you reap all the benefits at anytime, and from anywhere, with access to a specific link (URL), much like you access Gmail, or Facebook.

    To start with, our team of experts will understand your business profile, such as the Industry in which you operate, the size, locations, number of employees and the infrastructure used. 

    Based on this discussion, our experts will help you select the legal Modules applicable for your business on GOAL, and the tracker will be customized for you to kick start your online compliance risk management.

    In GOAL, each requirement / compliance item is cross-referenced to a business function (Department). 

    Based on the business function and compliance nature handled by a particular individual in the organization, the user access can be assigned. 

    The user to GOAL can be given a read only access or edit rights, as per the requirements of the admins. 

    GOAL is in-built with a review function, which allows organization to have someone authorize the data fed into the system after authenticating it. 

    The review and the compliance owner is also alerted of all action taken by the user on the tool such as data uploads in a weekly update email. 

    We understand the importance of staying abreast with the changes in the law.  We have a dedicated team of experts who research to find authentic updates on amendments to the laws, new notifications, circulars, even relevant pop up messages on the government websites.

    All these items are filtered, and the users of the tool are provided daily email notification of the changes in short.  We then carefully make relevant changes to the legal database in GOAL so the information you track is relevant. 

    GOAL is hosted on a Tier 4 data center which is independently assessed and found to conform to the requirements of ANSI/ TIA-942: 2014.  We invest in ensuring that the data you store is secure. 

    GOAL’s data center has a Business Continuity Management System – ISO 22301:2012 certification. 

    In addition, we also have the facility to encrypt the data stored on the tool.  Our SLAs are in place to ensure 99.995% uptime. 

    Once you subscribe to the tool, we offer training and onboarding activities, which help you, transition into GOAL for compliance risk management.  In addition help documentation is also provided for the user’s reference. 

    We care and support in your compliance endowers, and hence, we are available for legal queries and system support on all business days between 10.00 am – 6.00 pm. 

    We also guide the organization to set internal targets for transitioning into the system based approach for managing compliance and hand hold in this process. 

    Have my own Legal Team / Employee

    • Heavily dependent on this one team/ employee for all questions/ clarifications about the legal Aspects of Business
    • When a specific employee is not available, you cannot access/ obtain information related to the requirements undertaken by him.
    • You don’t know but you hope that the team (or the individual) is addressing all the legal requirements, and timely.
    • The performance of the Legal team (or the individual) is based on how many issues come up, or how well he can address existing problems during his tenure.
    • Your team is so caught up in the day-to-day activities that the legal updates are not implemented. Many times, you end up following the old compliance requirements!!
    • You have received a notice, or addressed a notice, or ended up paying fine.
    • Either you suffered for the deeds of an ex-employee, or you ended up terminating the contract with a current employee for his non-performance after any issue with regards to compliance.
    • Creating and submitting compliance reports to the Board, or to your investors requires a significant effort and turn-around time.

    Seek assistance from Professionals

    • You outsource the responsibility of a specific compliance per transaction, or leave management of a subject to Professionals (CA’s, CS’s, other auditors or agencies)
    • You work with numerous such professionals for various requirements
    • You have no information of whether it is addressed or only seek a verbal/ email confirmation of the activity completed.
    • Many times, in confusion, the professionals miss sending evidence of the completion and final document submitted to the authority. When required, you end up with the draft version, and changes done previously are re-done in your reference copy.
    • You receive the confirmation from these professionals via email, but many times in the past, when you needed that email, either did not find it, or had to spend too much time to hunt for that email.
    • Compliances have, at times fallen through the cracks, with professionals claiming that specific compliance which required addressing, was not in their agreed scope of work and blaming other professionals to be their responsibility.


    The latest updates given by this team is very resourceful and I don’t have to refer to any other websites for it. I appreciate the timely reminders I am getting for expiring contracts and upcoming filings, for which I would otherwise have to manually create a google or yahoo reminder.  Also, the compliance scores and reports generated on GOAL are very useful and I know where we are in terms of compliance.​


    Vivek, CFO Hipbar

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