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Diagnose Compliance Gaps Before it is Too Late

Why Legal compliance audit?

Legal compliance audit is a due diligence system to minimize business risk by verifying and identifying the gaps in regulatory compliances that are applicable to the company and drafting a course of action to keep the company on a steady compliant track.

Why Legal Compliance Audit?

Legal regulatory compliance audit makes you and your executive members familiar with the compliance requirements for your company as laid by the law.

Parameters Audited by us

100+ Licenses covered

Eg: Fire licenses, Building approval, Pollution consents, License to operate CT/Cathlab, license to operate a Blood Bank etc.

40+ Returns covered

Eg: Form V-Environment report, Water cess returns, Form D-Statement of bonus, MTP monthly statement etc.

200+ records covered

Eg: Consent to perform MTP, Declaration in Form F to perform Ultrasound, Master records in the Blood Bank, expired drug records etc.

35+ Notices and warnings to be displayed checked

Eg: Notice under gratuity Act, Notification of minimum wages, Caution to pregnant women entering X-Ray room, No smoking sign near gas cylinders etc.

600+ procedural day-to-day compliances checked

Eg: Conduct of periodical fire drill, construction of proper storage sheds for Biomedical waste, intimation of changes in technicians in pharmacy etc.

10+ requirements for updation checked

Eg: Uploading authorization committee decisions on transplant, internal complaints committee members list under sexual harassment laws

Why Us

“Regulatory compliances are becoming more stringent these days. But more importantly, investors and stakeholders demand high standards of compliance and disclosures from their companies.

Our futuristic compliance monitoring system, makes it very easy for companies to become transparent and Marketable.”
Vikrant Shekhar, Partner

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    The latest updates given by this team is very resourceful and I don’t have to refer to any other websites for it. I appreciate the timely reminders I am getting for expiring contracts and upcoming filings, for which I would otherwise have to manually create a google or yahoo reminder.  Also, the compliance scores and reports generated on GOAL are very useful and I know where we are in terms of compliance.​


    Vivek, CFO Hipbar

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