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Teach Your Employees to do their Work in a Legally Prescribed Way and Prevent Costly Mistakes

legal compliance training

Legality Simplified caters the best-in-class employee compliance training programs. Our legal compliance training providers designed for corporates in such a way that creates awareness and educates employees of an organization who directly performs various functions of day-to-day operations.

Our Compliance Training in India is preferred by most of the organizations today are operating from multiple locations within a city and also across various states. It is evident that the risk of non- compliance is higher as each unit may choose to interpret the law and institute procedures. These inconsistencies can be mitigated by offering uniform compliance training for employees inculcates how to use assessment tools for performing routine checks and proper documentation maintenance to avoid penalties as per law.

Training Structure

The training is conducted in modular fashion tailored to adapt to the organizations specifications.

Each module will provide a summary of legal procedures, which a Facility has to follow for undertaking day to day operations, with highlights on penalty prescribed for non-compliance

The Training will lay down Best Practices, Do’s and Don’ts for employees, organizations, with list of records to be maintained in each area of operation

Along with each module, we provide a self assessment checklist which can be used by the participants to review their compliance action on regular basis

This familiarization programs acts as a ‘train the trainer approach’ which helps you to drive action in process-driven fashion

Areas of Training

The modules currently offered by us are in laws covering:

  • Radiology
  • Pre-natal sex determination
  • Medical Termination of Pregnancy
  • Blood Bank
  • Transplantation of Human organ
  • Pollution control and waste management
  • Fire Safety
  • Engineering equipment’s such as Pressure vessels, Gas cylinder rules, boilers, lifts etc.

“Regulatory compliances are becoming more stringent these days. But more importantly, investors and stakeholders demand high standards of compliance and disclosures from their companies.

Our futuristic compliance monitoring system, makes it very easy for companies to become transparent and Marketable.”
Vikrant Shekhar, Partner

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    The latest updates given by this team is very resourceful and I don’t have to refer to any other websites for it. I appreciate the timely reminders I am getting for expiring contracts and upcoming filings, for which I would otherwise have to manually create a google or yahoo reminder.  Also, the compliance scores and reports generated on GOAL are very useful and I know where we are in terms of compliance.​


    Vivek, CFO Hipbar

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