Capital market

  • Providing opinion on the following Corporate Laws
  • Complany Law
    1. Security Exchange Board of india (‘SEBI’) Regulations
    2. Exchange Control Regulations
    3. Listing Agreement
    4. Law of co-operative socities,Public Trust,and section 25 companies
    5. Sick Industial Companies(Special Provisions) Act,1985
  • Corporate Governance & Board constitution
  • Fund raising, restructing,takeovers,mergers and acquistion
  • Undertaaking Secretarial Audit
  • incorporation of companies,obtaining approval, sanactions from Ministry of Corporate Affars(‘MCA’)
  • Assisting with other Statuory Compliances
  • Certification of returns to be filed with the MCA and other documents as required under the respective Corporate Law
  • Audit of compliance on labour laws
  • Maintaince of secretarial records, statutory books and registers
  • Acting as Scurtinizer for Postal ballots voting procress
  • Compiliation of status/search reports for companies, banks and fiancial institutions
  • Acting as advisors and facilitators to public issues(IPO/FPO/Rights/offer for sale) & related Legal Due Diligence
  • Assistance in relation to Debts Issues/Buyback/ADR/GDR/ECB
  • Financial & Legal Due Diligence
  • Financial & Legal Due Diligence
  • Drafting of prospects/offer for sale/letter of offer/Other documents related to issue of securities and obtaing various approvals in association with lead managers to the issue
  • Listing of securities/delisting of securities with reconized stock exchanges
  • Private placement of shares and securities

Arbitration & Conciliation

Health care

  • Advising on arbitration,negoations and conciliation
  • Drafting Arbitration/Conciliation Agreement/Clauses
  • Acting as arbitration/Conciliator in Domestic and international Commercial disputes
  • Undertaking regular legal compliance audits under applicable laws and regulations notified by the Nacational Accerditation Board for Hospitals and Health care(‘NABH’)
  • Assistance in preparation for obtaining the accerditation from JCI or NABH from legal compliance perspective
  • Assistance in obtaing applicable licenses and approvals for setting up of Hospitals in india



  • Appering as authorized representative before Company Law Board(‘CBL’),Central Government,Regional director(‘RD’) and Register of Comapanies(‘ROC’),Debt recovery Tribunal,Stock Exchanges,SEBI,etc and liaisoning with the said authorities
  • Filing of petitions before the CLB/RD/SEBI
  • Mergers & Acquistion(M & A)
  • Finicial & Capital restructuring
  • Management restructuring
  • Consolidation of holdings for Listed Companies by market acqistion/open offer/buybuk etc
  • Advising sick companies with respect to the provisions of the sick Industrial Companies(Special Provisions)Act,985,and drafting of rehabiliation schemes
  • Change of name,change of objects and shifting of registered office of the company

    Legal Compliance


    We know that Law can be Quite Complex! Let us Help Simplify things & Guide you on the Right path to Success

    Legal Advisory Services

    We are recognized for providing premium corporate legal advisory services in India. Our company legal advisors offer assistance to the companies in researching and identifying applicable laws to their organization based on the client activities, industry presence, size and location.  Our specialty is our team of lawyers and practicing professionals conducts legal compliance due diligence for any corporate actions such as mergers, takeover, IPOs etc.

    We also undertake vetting of compliance documents and internal policies to ensure they are executed in accordance with the applicable provisions of the law. To showcase few instances, we have reviewed employee policies of multi-national organization to ensure that it is framed in-line with the labour laws of India.

    What We Offer

    • Framing Compliance Checks based on applicable Indian Laws to the organization
    • Review of policies, documents to ensure they are in line with tenets of the law
    • Addressing specific queries raised by clients
    • Offering legal opinion on any Indian Law
    • Performing Due diligence for any corporate actions, such as mergers, takeover, IPOs etc.

    “Regulatory compliances are becoming more stringent these days. But more importantly, investors and stakeholders demand high standards of compliance and disclosures from their companies.

    Our futuristic compliance monitoring system, makes it very easy for companies to become transparent and Marketable.”
    Vikrant Shekhar, Partner

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      The latest updates given by this team is very resourceful and I don’t have to refer to any other websites for it. I appreciate the timely reminders I am getting for expiring contracts and upcoming filings, for which I would otherwise have to manually create a google or yahoo reminder.  Also, the compliance scores and reports generated on GOAL are very useful and I know where we are in terms of compliance.​


      Vivek, CFO Hipbar

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