CEA issues safety advisory to all Thermal Power Generating Utilities.

As per the advisory, Internal Safety Audits must be carried out once a year through cross functional teams/ internal trained staff and records must be maintained. Further, External Safety Audit must be carried out through …

PESO launches online paperless module for import of compressed gases in ISO tank containers.

DGFT had notified earlier that the import of hydrofluorocarbons is permitted with an import authorization subject to the recommendation of ozone cell. Therefore all the stakeholders who proposes to import hydrofluorocarbons shall upload import authorization …

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Particulars and Manner of their Display on Labels of Electric Ceiling Type Fans) Regulations, 2022.

Every permittee, trader and seller shall comply with the energy consumption standards for electric ceiling type fan and affix label only on such model of electric ceiling type fan for which permission has been granted.

Cabinet approves Amendments to the National Policy on Biofuels -2018.

This amendment proposal will pave the way for Make in India drive thereby leading to reduction in import of petroleum products by generation of more and more biofuels. Since many more feedstocks are being allowed …

Ministry of Power issues directions to all Gencos including Independent Power Producers (IPPs) for timely Import of Coal for blending purposes.

The ministry has directed that the imported coal based plants should run and the State should import coal for blending, as in the previous years.

Electricity related relaxations for Continuous Process Industries in A.P

Relaxations to the existing restriction and control measures on industries from 00.00 hours of 14.05.2022

Guidelines for Registration and Filing Application for Establishing and Operating Over the Counter (OTC) Platform, 2022.

The objective of the OTC Platform is to provide an electronic platform with the information of potential buyer and seller of electricity and maintain a repository of data related to buyers and sellers and provide …

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms and Conditions for Renewable Energy Certificates for Renewable Energy Generation) Regulations, 2022.

An eligible entity which has been granted accreditation or deemed to have been granted accreditation under these regulations, shall be eligible for grant of registration by the Central Agency in accordance with the Procedure for …

Revised process to set up the Roof top solar PV system

A consumer intending to set up the Roof top solar PV system under Net Metering/Net Billing/Gross Metering arrangement (self or third party owned) shall submit the application online at solar portal of PSPCL for grant …

Ministry of Power notifies measures for Operationalising imported Coal Based Plants (ICB).

To restart their operations, the ICB plants which are under stress or in NCLT need working capital to buy coal and start generating power. In view of the above, it is directed to take necessary …

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