The Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2022.

The Bill empowers the central government to specify a carbon credit trading scheme. Carbon credit implies a tradeable permit to produce a specified amount of carbon emissions. The central government or any authorised agency may …

The Registration (Goa Draft Amendment) Act, 2022.

Every person presenting any document at the proper registration office shall also upload digital photograph and digital finger prints of both the hands of each party to such document: Provided that in case where any …

Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers notifies the scheme for Promotion of Medical Devices Parks.

In order to attract investments in this sector, the Government has allowed 100% foreign direct investments (FDI) in medical devices sector. Similarly, the Government has allowed 100% FDI in pharma sector for greenfield projects under …

Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (Levy of Fee and Other Charges) Amendment Regulations 2022

Regulations provides the procedure for application for renunciation and transfer of authorization and the amount of fee charged for application. The amended regulations will come into effect immediately.

Private players can use drones for delivery purposes in accordance with Drone Rules, 2021.

Drones are required to have the necessary type certification issued by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). No type certification is however required in case of nano drones (up to 250 gram all-up weight) and …

MNRE extends the implementation date of Quality Control Order, 2017 for SPV inverters to 31st December 2022.

The Government earlier issued the solar PV system, Devices and Components Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2017, for the requirement of compulsory registration with six products included in the schedule on 5th September 2017. …

MNRE launches “Renewable Energy Research and Technology Development Programme” to enable indigenous technology development and manufacture for wide spread applications of new and renewable energy.

This scheme covers research and development in the area of solar module manufacturing. Under the scheme, upto 100% financial support to Government / non-profit research organizations and upto 50-70% to Industry, Start-ups, Private Institutes, Entrepreneurs …

The “Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (Harnessing of Captive Power Generation) Draft Regulations, 2022”.

A person may construct, maintain or operate a captive generating plant and dedicated transmission lines. The supply of electricity from the captive generating plant through the grid shall be regulated in the same manner as …

Clarification on Electro-Chemiluminescence Immunoassay kits

It is clarified that Chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) is a widely used detection method which combines the highly-sensitive chemiluminescence assay with highly-specific Immune response and affinity of antibodies.

Clarifications regarding the renewable purchase obligations

It is clarified that long term growth trajectory of Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) will be specified by the ministry of power in consultation with MNRE.

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