SEBI constitutes ‘Municipal Bonds Development Committee’ to make recommendations for development of municipal debt securities market

Securities Exchange Board of India(SEBI) vide press release dated February 14, 2020, has issued Municipal Bonds Development Committee in order to make recommendations to SEBI on policy matters pertaining to development of municipal debt securities …

SEBI Invites Comments from the public on the proposed amendments to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 2011 (“Takeover Regulations”)

SEBI proposes to allow completion of open offer acquisition of shares through stock exchange settlement for all types of transactions, including bulk deals and block deals. Comments are invited for the proposal.

MCA issues Companies (lncorporation) Amendment Rules, 2020

Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide notification dated 6th February, 2020 has issued the Companies (incorporation) Amendment Rules, 2020. The amendment prescribes new procedure for reservation or change of name of company.

SEBI tightens approval norms for draft offer documents.

The Securites and Exchange Board of India has set out rules under which it could hold back approvals for proposed issues by companies that are under investigation for possible violations.

SEBI introduces standard templates for PPMs and a mandatory procedure for performance bench-marking of AIFs

In furtherance of the steps taken by SEBI to streamline disclosure standards in the growing AIF space, after consultation of public comments and deliberations of the Alternative Investment Policy Advisory Committee (AIPAC), SEBI has introduced …

SEBI Notifies common application form for FPI registration.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India vide circular dated 4th February 2020, has notified the Common Application Form (CAF) for the purpose of registration of Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) with Securities and Exchange Board …

SEBI directs stock exchanges to review commodity derivatives contracts performance on annual basis.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India in its Circular dated 4th February, 2020 has directed commodity exchanges to conduct a performance review of all commodity derivative contracts on annual basis for each financial year …

SEBI sets position limit for market participants trading on exchanges at IFSCs for currency futures and options contracts involving the Indian rupee.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India vide notification dated 3rd February, 2020 has fixed the position limits for eligible market participants on stock exchanges at international financial services centres (IFSCs) for currency futures and …

SEBI clarifies the norms on composition of IPF Trust and Committees at Market Infrastructure Institutions (MIIs).

The Securities and Exchange Board of India vide notification dated 28th January 2020 has provided more clarity on norms related to composition and functioning of Investor Protection Fund (IPF) Trust with regard to stock exchanges …

SEBI reviews the margin framework for commodity derivatives to check volatility.

SEBI has revised its margin system in the equity and commodity derivatives segments as part of its effort to boost liquidity and bring down trading cost.