State Government of Odisha publishes draft Draft Orrisa Electronics Policy 2020.

The Odisha Electronics Policy 2020 sets out the framework for the Electronics sector in the state and lists the incentives which would be available to all eligible units setting up base in Odisha.

MEITY amends the Second Schedule of the IT Act, 2000

This notification has inserted a new provision on e- authentication technique and procedure for creating and assessing subscriber’s signature key facilitated by trusted third-party. The provision specifies the responsibilities of the trusted third party, for …

Government of Telangana has prepared Cyber Security Practices guide for employees, IT admins, healthcare professionals and law enforcement agencies

DSCI has prepared a simple end-user Cyber Security Best Practices guide for employees. These simple and easy tips will ensure basic security protocols are followed by employees, which in turn can minimize cyberattack risks.

Draft Patents (Second Amendment) Rules, 2019

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued the Draft Patents (Second Amendment) Rules, 2019 to further amend the Patents Rules, 2003.

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