Government of Telangana notifies amendments to Telangana State Factories Rules.

No person shall carry out any demolition of plants or structures containing friable asbestos insulation material and removal of asbestos from building or structures in which asbestos is liable to become air-borne, unless he is …

The Indian Boiler (Amendment) Regulations, 2022

The amendment has provided revised requirements for the uniform qualification, examination, issuance and renewal of Central Boiler Board authorization to act as a competent person.

ESIC has extended the scope of the Tamil Nadu Employees’ State Insurance (Medical Benefit) Rules, 1955.

As per regulation 95-A, the family of an insured person shall become entitled to medical benefit [from the day the insured person himself] and shall continue to be so entitled so long as the insured …

Government of Goa has enhanced the wage rate under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 (MGNREGA).

The mandate of the Act is to provide at least 100 days of guaranteed wage employment in a financial year to every rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. The Act …

Government of T.N Revises Minimum rates of wages

Revised minimum wages are declared for Silk Twisting Industry, Forestry, Silver manufacture, Soap Manufacture.

Shri Narayan Rane launches MSME Sustainable (ZED) Certification Scheme.

MSMEs can also avail a number of other incentives offered for ZED Certification by States & UTs, Financial Institutions etc. and can also apply for free Certification under the MSME KAWACH (COVID-19 Support) initiative.

Government of Gujarat revises the minimum rates of wages in respect of employees employed in Ship Breaking Activities.

In case of an employee employed on piece rate basis, the minimum rate of wages shall be so fixed that the minimum rates of wages plus special allowance payable to him, for the number of …

ESIC issues circular regarding timely settlement of medical re-imbursement claim bills of insured persons.

In order to expedite the process, financial power has been delegated to SRO of sub-regional offices, up to an amount of Rs. 50,000/-, so that bill can be scrutinized by medical referee and sanctioned by …

The Labour Ministry extends the public utility service status on banking industry for another 6 months.

The Ministry has lastly declared the said industry to be a public utility service for the purposes of the said Act for a period of six months from 21st October 2021. However, due to the …

Government of Tamil Nadu notifies Draft Industrial Relations (Tamil Nadu ) Rules, 2022.

If the employer adopts the model Standing Order of the Central Government with respect to matters relevant to his industrial establishment or undertaking, then, he shall intimate the concerned certifying officer electronically the specific date …

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