FSSAI issues clarification on requirement of health certificate to be accompanied with the import of food consignments.

FSSAI has clarified that an integrated/single certificate incorporating food safety related requirements/attentions shall also be accepted at the time of import clearance. It may be ensured that integrated certificate shall incorporate all the information as …

Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) First Amendment Regulations, 2022

The amendment has provided following formulae for preparation of Soybean Curd.

FSSAI to carry out special drive to sensitize FBOs to mention FSSAI license/registration number on cash receipts/invoices etc.

Section 31 of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 mandates that every food business operator is required to obtain FSSAI license or registration prior commencing any food business. The implementation of FSS Act 2006 and …

Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) First Amendment Regulations, 2022

It is clarified that the size of numeral or letter required for all declarations under these regulations on the crown or closure of returnable glass bottle shall not be less than 1 mm.

FSSAI directions for B2B sale of t blends of oils/emulsions/hydrogenated vegetable oils

Records of inventory shall shall be maintained by seller and buyer of the blends of oils/emulsions/hydrogenated vegetable oils. It shall be sold only in unit packs of quantity less than 500ml or 500gms.

Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictions on sales) Second Amendment Regulations, 2022

The amendment provides that the Multi-source edible oil shall not be sold in loose form. It shall be sold in sealed package weighing not more than 15 litres.

FSSAI conditions for validity and recognition of the FSSAI notified laboratories

All those Laboratories, already recognized by FSSAI and which have not obtained FSSAI-NABL accreditation must obtain the same prior to the expiry of their NABL approved validity period or before 30th June, 2023, whichever is …

The Food Safety and Standards (Advertising and Claims) First Amendment Regulations, 2022

The amendment provides the list of Claims statements that can be used by Food Business Operators for Edible Vegetable Oils that may be used on labels or advertisements.

Food Safety and Standards (Foods for Infant Nutrition) First Amendment Regulations, 2022

The amendment provides that where an infant formula in powder format is manufactured without use of any vegetable oil, linoleate, vitamin E, starch, specified food additive and optional ingredients, the product may be named as …

Food Safety and Standards (Packaging) Second Amendment Regulations, 2022

The amendment has issued maximum migration limits of substances from plastic materials intended to be in contact with articles of food for new substances.

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