Rajasthan PCB delegates power to the regional officer to grant or refuse consent to establish/operate under the provisions of the water Prevention and Control of pollution Act, 1974.

The Rajasthan Pollution Control Board has appointed the Regional officers of the state Board for all facilities/ processing activities provided by the local bodies.

Clarification on obligation of the project proponent to undertake activities committed in the EMP or at any stage of the appraisal of Prior Environment Clearance in lieu of Corporate Environment Responsibility

It is clarified that in such cases where public hearing is not involved, the project proponents will be bound to take up all activities proposed by them in the EMP as well as any additional …

Handbook on Chemicals and Hazardous Waste Management and Handling in India

The handbook is based on the revised Globally Harmonized System adopted in year 2019 by the United Nations.

Fertilizer (Inorganic, Organic or Mixed) (Control) second Amendment Order, 2021

Every person, desirous of obtaining approval of any nano fertiliser shall make an application in Form-G-4 in duplicate to the Controller along with a report of the State Agriculture University or of the Indian Council …

Rajasthan PCB allows transfer of trade effluent from one CETP member textile unit to another

The Rajasthan State pollution Control Board has issued office order to allow transfer of trade effluent (KLD) from one CETP member textile unit to other CETP member textile unit at Pali, Jodhpur. Balotra’ Bithuja & …

Procedure for dealing with activities undertaken without Coastal Regulation Zone clearance

The Coastal Zone Management Authority shall assess environmental damages caused by the project and shall recommend activities to be undertaken by the applicant for prospective clearance within 3 years under Compensatory Conservation Plan.

Madhya Pradesh Annual Environment Award rules, 2019

Madhya Pradesh Annual Environment Award to be awarded to the industry/institute taking most effective steps for environment pollution control. The application shall be submitted by industry/institute by 30 April of each year elaborating their endeavors …

CPCB grants two week time period for submission of analytical reports by the laboratories.

The Central Pollution Control Board vide its notification date 8th February 2021 has decided to extend two week time period i.e up to 19th February 2021 to all participating laboratories for their submission of test …

The Ammonium Nitrate (Amendment)(Draft) Rules 2021.

The Disposal of Ammonium Nitrate shall be in accordance to the Hazardous Wastes (Management, Handling and Trans Boundary Movement) Rules, 2008 enacted under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

Odisha Pollution control board hikes pollution charges for illegal dumping of solid waste by industrial units.

The Government has increased the pollution chargers from 500 to Rs.1000 per unit for illegal dumping of solid waste (non-hazardous waste) by the industrial unit.

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