DGFT declares Mundra Port and ICD Garhi Harsaru for import of new Vehicles

Mundra Port and ICD Garhi Harsaru are added to the existing list of 16 ports/lCDs through which import of new vehicles is permitted.

Revised policy conditions for exports of all wild animals, animal articles including their products and derivatives

Live exotic birds are not permitted to be Exported subject to exceptions. Exports if allowed shall be subject to pre- shipment inspection and CITES certificate.

National Conference on Strategic Trade Controls (NCSTC)

The conference mainly focuses on outreach to the Industry especially for those dealing in sectors regulated under India’s SCOMET list including special materials and high tech equipment, chemicals, biotechnology, defence, aerospace (comprising Drones/UAVs), electronics and …

Central Government Designates Ports for Red Sanders Repatriation from Nepal

The Central Government has designated specific ports for the repatriation of red sanders from Nepal. The ports of entry and exist have been designated for the purpose of regulation of International Trade of red sanders …

CBIC issues revised rates of customs duty payable upon import of precious metals

The revised rates shall replace the existing rates with immediate effect.

Extension of validity of Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies

The validity of recognition of the Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency (PSIAs) provided under Foreign Trade Policy 2023 which are completing their original tenure of three years as on 27.12.2023 is extended upto 31.03.2024.

Revised import policy for import of Used IT Assets (Laptops, desktops, monitors, printers) from Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to Domestic Tariff Area(DTA)

Import of Used IT Assets (Laptops, desktops, monitors, printers) from Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to Domestic Tariff Area(DTA) shall be free.

Extension of Date for Mandatory electronic filing of Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin

The exporters and Non-Preferential COO Issuing Agencies as notified under Appendix-2E of the FTP would have the option to use the online system, the online application process shall not be mandatory till 31 December 2024. …

CBIC enables gold imports by valid TRQ holders under India UAE CEPA

Customs (Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty or for Specified End Use) Rules, 2022 shall not be applicable if the importer and the TRQ Holder are the same entity.

Revised Export Policy of Food Supplements

The export of Food Supplement containing botanicals to Europe Union (EU) and United Kingdom (UK) originating in or consignment from India and intended for human or animal consumption, is allowed subject to issuance of the …

DGFT has directed for Closure of cases of default in Export Obligation under Advance Authorization and EPCG Schemes for relaxation in policy/procedure

Policy Relaxation Committee (PRC)/EPCG Committees considers each application based on individual facts and circumstances oh a case to case basis. Since Policy relaxation is not a matter of right, all such authorization holders are advised …

“HaritSagar” Green Port Guidelines to reduce carbon intensity and to develop an environment-friendly ecosystem at all Major Ports

Under these guidelines, various green interventions such as ship-to-shore power supply, electrification of Port equipment, usage of alternate fuels such as green Hydrogen/Green Ammonia/Methanol in port crafts, creation of infrastructure at select Ports for storage, …

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