RBI issues revised framework for scale based regulation of NBFC.

As the SBR framework encompasses different facets of regulation of NBFCs covering capital requirements, governance standards, prudential regulation, etc., it has been decided to first issue an integrated regulatory framework for NBFCs under SBR providing …

Ministry of Steel notifies Guidelines for PLI Scheme for Specialty Steel.

The Guidelines offer clarity on operational aspects of the Scheme such as the application, eligibility, disbursement of incentive and so on.

RBI releases draft Master Direction on Prudential Regulation for AIFIs – 2021.

The AIFIs shall implement all the three Pillars of Basel III capital regulations. Under Pillar 1, the AIFIs shall adopt the standardized approaches for measurement of capital charge for credit risk and market risk. For …

SEBI directs investment advisers not to deal with unregulated products.

SEBI has observed that certain registered investment advisers are engaging in unregulated activity by offering a platform for the purchase, sale, or trading of unregulated items, including digital gold.

SEBI amends investment grievance redressal system and arbitration mechanism.

Under the revised framework, SEBI has clarified that Forming of exclusive panel for appellate arbitration is not required and members can serve on both the panels. However, it is imperative for the exchanges to ensure …

National Comprehensive Guidelines for Management of Post-COVID Sequelae for doctors

The guidelines is issued to guide doctors on managing post-COVID complications affecting cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, nephrological, neurological and respiratory systems.

FSSAI extends the timeline for manufacturing and sale of stapled tea bangs

Stapled tea bangs can be sold in the domestic market till 31st December, 2021. Quarterly compliance report shall be submitted on implementation of transition plan.

FSSAI extends the timeline for compliance with Food Safety and Standards (Labeling and display) Regulations, 2020

The compliance to quality of declared nutrients on the label shall be according to established practices till a final decision is taken by FSSAI.

FSSAI clarifies that vitamin and mineral addition does not qualify standardized food as proprietary food

FSSAI has allowed addition of vitamins and minerals up to one RDA to standardized food products listed under the Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2021. It is clarified that …

The International Financial Services Centres Authority (Capital Market Intermediaries) Regulations, 2021.

Regulations envisage registered capital market intermediaries to undertake cross-border business in capital markets in India and foreign jurisdictions, subject to certain conditions such as ring fencing of operations, appropriate risk management and internal controls, maintenance …

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