Ministry of Labor & Employment has clarified the measures taken to protect and promote the welfare, social security, safety and health of labourers


Ministry of Labor & Employment vide press release dated 05 February, 2023 has clarified the measures taken to protect and promote the welfare, social security, safety and health of labourers. The CLC(C) organization through its field offices enforces various provisions of the BOCW (RE&CS) Act 1996 and the rules made thereunder ensuring the safety measures of workers working in construction sites in the Central Sphere. Regular inspections are conducted by the Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) [CLC(C)] Organisation in the Central Sphere as per the Inspection Scheme of the Ministry of Labour & Employment.

Further, in order to augment the efforts in the direction of safety and health of construction workers, “Construction Advisory Service (CAS) Division” has been created in Directorate General of Factory Advice Service & Labour Institutes (DGFASLI). The “Construction Advisory Service (CAS) Division” at DGFASLI, Mumbai has initiated various certificate courses in the field of Construction Safety.

Further, a Model Welfare Scheme for BOC Workers and Action Plan for strengthening Implementation Machinery were forwarded to all States/UTs, wherein the State / UT Governments through their State/UT BOCW Welfare Boards were entrusted upon to comply with the Scheme for the welfare of the construction workers and asking the State Welfare Boards to formulate and implement these kind of welfare schemes including in respect of Life and disability cover, health and maternity cover, education of the wards of the workers, transit housing, skill development, awareness programs and pension to registered BOC workers.

Moreover, Several directions under Section 60 of the BOCW (RE&CS) Act, 1996 have been issued from time to time to State/UT BOCW Welfare Boards for implementation of the provisions of the Act and for optimum utilization of the cess funds for the social security & other welfare measures of the BOC workers which include the benefits of welfare schemes of the State Welfare Boards and social security schemes of the Central/State Governments.

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