Revised directions for filing of returns by Designated Depository Participants and Custodians


SEBI has reviewed various reports submitted by Designated Depository Participants and Custodians in order to have uniform compliance standards, for ease of compliance reporting and for regulatory purposes.

All DDPs and Custodians shall submit the reports specified by the Board from time to time. Subsequent to the review, it has been decided that the following reports shall henceforth be submitted on the SEBI Intermediary Portal (SI Portal) by DDPs and Custodians:

  1. Annual audit reports on internal controls of DDP
  2. Annual review report of the systems, procedures & controls of the Custodian by an expert
  3. Audited Annual report along with Net worth certificate
  4. AI / ML half yearly report
  5. Custodian Quarterly report
  6. Quarterly FPI General Information to assess the eligibility
  7. Quarterly reports by FPIs non-compliant with Legal entity identifier
  8. Quarterly report by FPIs who have not submitted granular BO details
  9. Quarterly Details of FPIs granted exemption
  10. Monthly report of Change in material information
  11. Monthly Report of short sales by FPIs

The monthly and quarterly reports shall be uploaded within 15 calendar days from the end of each month and quarter, respectively.

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