Govt. of Goa Urges Updates to Aadhaar on Portal At No Cost


The Directorate of Planning, Statistics, and Evaluation, Government of Goa, has highlighted that an Aadhaar serves as a unique 12-digit Identification Number randomly assigned to residents, ensuring the establishment of their distinct identity, with no possibility of reassignment to another individual. It is imperative to note that Aadhaar has become a compulsory requirement, particularly in instances where the submission of Aadhaar proof is a prerequisite for accessing Government subsidies, benefits, or services. This underscores the significance of adhering to Aadhaar regulations to avail oneself of various governmental aids. This Notification was published on 16.01.2024.

In the best interest of residents, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) strongly recommends that individuals update their supporting documents at least once every 10 years from the date of Aadhaar enrollment. This can be done by submitting Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA) to maintain accuracy and relevancy in the Aadhaar database. Keeping your Aadhaar information up-to-date not only contributes to the ease of living but also enhances service delivery and ensures precise authentication. To facilitate this process, residents can utilize the Aadhaar Update Services available at any Aadhaar Centre, with a nominal fee of Rs. 50/- as approved by UIDAI, New Delhi. Moreover, UIDAI encourages residents to take advantage of the free document update facility through the ‘my Aadhaar’ portal until March 14, 2024. While updating Aadhaar documents is not mandatory, it is a recommended practice to keep the Aadhaar card current. For the general public, this serves as a valuable opportunity to make use of the provided facility and proactively update their Aadhaar information. Stay informed and keep your Aadhaar details current for an enhanced user experience.

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