Directions and Declarations for Real Estate Project Registration with MahaRERA


The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority vide an order dated 10th January, 2024 expressed concern over instances where promoters submit applications for projects on land for which there is already a pending registration application or an existing registered real estate project. Such actions are deemed to be conflicting with the Act’s objectives and in violation of its provisions. As a result, the order issued specific directions for promoters applying for registration, including the requirement to upload a Declaration-cum-Undertaking on the promoter’s letterhead, declaring the absence of any pending applications for the same project land.

Furthermore, the directions specify the format and content of the Declaration-cum-Undertaking, which should be executed on the promoter’s letterhead. It mandates that promoters declare, under solemn affirmation, the details of their application for registration with MahaRERA, including the project name, date of application, and the specific land on which the project will be executed.  The Declaration-cum-Undertaking also encompasses various scenarios, such as when applying for registration of a real estate project, for standalone building projects seeking registration under a single project registration number, requiring a statement confirming the absence of any subsisting pending application at the time of submission. Otherwise in case of layout development where MahaRERA registration is sought for respective buildings under different project numbers.

In summary, the order underscores the Authority’s powers, the necessity for promoters to adhere to specific requirements when applying for real estate project registration, and the measures implemented to ensure compliance with the Act’s provisions. It aims to address concerns regarding conflicting applications for projects on the same land and emphasizes the importance of providing accurate and truthful information during the registration process. Ultimately, the directions serve to enhance transparency and accountability in the real estate sector under the purview of MahaRERA.

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