Coastal Restoration Mission by Government of Tamil Nadu


Government of Tamil Nadu on Wednesday issued orders for the launch of the Tamil Nadu Coastal Restoration Mission which is the fourth mission mode project of the Government after Climate Change Mission, Green Tamil Nadu Mission & Wetland Mission. An announcement to this effect was made by the Minister for Finance and Human Resource Management in the Budget Speech during 2023-2024. This Notification was published on the date of 11.01.2024.

The mission focused on 14 Coastal Districts in Tamil Nadu covering 1076 Kilometers shall be implemented with assistance of World Bank for a period of 5 years. The project outlines 4 key thematic areas including enhancement of Coastal Biodiversity, Coastal protection, improving livelihoods of the Coastal communities and Pollution Control in Coastal areas. The project envisages setting up the first ever Tamil Nadu Blue Carbon Agency to harness the potential of Blue Economy. The Tamil Nadu” Blue Carbon Agency” will undertake restoration of Mangroves, Corals and Salt Marshes. Kariyachalli Island in Gulf of Mannar has been taken up under the project for restoration of Corals. Investing in river systems to prevent marine pollution by establishing Material Collection Facilities (MCF) and Material Recycling Facilities (MRF) for proper segregation and storage of plastic waste and creating a digital waste exchange platform to connect collection facilities, promoting upcycling and reuse of materials for effective plastic waste management. Developing climate-smart coastal villages by integrating sustainable practices like resilient housing, eco-friendly infrastructure, climate-smart agriculture, renewable energy sources, and community engagement through awareness programs and skill-building initiatives, shall be taken under the project.

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