NMC Urges Action on Pending Applications for Eligibility Certificates


The Examination and Medical Registration Board (EMRB) of the National Medical Commission (NMC) has conducted a comprehensive review of applications received for eligibility certificates. Following a meticulous evaluation, certain deficiencies have been identified in the mentioned applications. Hence, a public notice dated December 26, 2023 was issued on these deficiencies.

Legal Framework Reminder

This notice emphasizes section 13(4B) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956, which states that Indian citizens intending to pursue medical qualifications in foreign countries must obtain an eligibility certificate from the Council. The Act specifies that failure to acquire such a certificate renders individuals ineligible to appear in the screening test.

Changes Post NEET-UG 2019

The notification highlights the exemption of obtaining an Eligibility Certificate for Indian/OCI citizens proceeding abroad for medical studies. This exemption was implemented after the declaration of the NEET-UG 2019 results, making qualifying in the NEET-UG Exam after June 5, 2019, equivalent to obtaining an Eligibility Certificate for admission to MBBS or equivalent courses in foreign medical institutions.

Call to Action for Applicants in Annexure-I

Notably, the NMC has identified applicants listed in Annexure-I who have proceeded abroad without obtaining the requisite Eligibility Certificate. To rectify this, the Board is extending a 10-day grace period for these applicants to submit their applications through the NMC eligibility portal. Hence these applicants can submit their applications up till January 5, 2024.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Should the applicants listed in Annexure-I fail to address the deficiencies or submit their applications within the stipulated 10-day period from the date of this notice’s publication, the Board has announced that their applications will be summarily rejected.

Call for Cooperation

Timely rectification of the identified deficiencies is crucial for expediting the processing of eligibility certificates. This collaborative effort ensures that applicants can proceed seamlessly with their endeavors in the medical field.

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