Government of Tamil Nadu Extends Extends Due Date for Form GSTR-3B


The Government of Tamil Nadu has decided to alleviate the burden on the mercantile public affected by the cyclone. For achieving this purpose, the Tamil Nadu government has implemented extensive relief measures. Among these measures is the decision to extend the due date for the submission of the monthly return in Form GSTR-3B for the month of November 2023 under the TNGST Act and Rules, 2017.

Initially set for the 20th of December 2023, the due date has now been extended to the 27th December 2023 for taxpayers whose principal place of business is located in the four cyclone-affected revenue districts. This extension provides much-needed flexibility for businesses grappling with the aftermath of the natural disaster.

A crucial aspect of the relief measures is the waiver of late fees and interest for taxpayers in the aforementioned revenue districts. Those filing their GSTR-3B return for the month of November 2023 will not be subjected to any additional financial penalties if they adhere to the extended due date of 27th December 2023.

This exemption recognizes the exceptional circumstances faced by businesses in the cyclone-affected areas and aims to provide them with the necessary support to recover and resume operations. By alleviating the financial burden, the government is fostering an environment conducive to the revival of economic activities in the region.

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