Ennore Creek oil spillage Mangroves Habitat Restoration Work to Begin Soon


An exhaustive review of the on-going oil spillage mitigation work was held at Ennore by 18.12.2023, by the Additional Chief Secretary, Environment Climate Change and Forest Department. The team also took a comprehensive assessment of the oil spill impact on Mangroves in the Ennore Creek area. The Department is in the process of preparing a plan for restoration in those areas with the support of specialized agencies like, Centre for Environmental Studies, Anna University and M. S. Swaminathan Foundation. This Notification was published on the date of 18.12.2023.

The four specialized cleaning agencies engaged in the mitigation works viz. Sea Care & Viraj from Mumbai and Vens Hydralift Pvt. Ltd & Neowin India Ltd., have almost completed the removal of floating oil and have started clearing oil deposits from shores, boulders, and oil laden debris. Beach cleaning work came to a completion in 3 villages of Nettukuppam, Ennore Kuppam and Mugathuvaram Kuppam. About 700 people, 110 boats, 3 skimmers, 2 hydro jets, 5 gully suckers, 1 tractor, 11 tippers, 5 poclains and 7 JCB’s continued to work to achieve the object of completion of cleaning operations.

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