New Draft National Dental Commission Rules, 2023 Published


The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOHFW) has officially released the National Dental Commission (Manner of Appointment and Nomination of Members, their Salary, Allowances and Terms and Conditions of Service, and Declaration of Assets, Professional and Commercial Engagements) Rules, 2023. These rules, in accordance with the National Dental Commission Act, 2023, detail the procedures for the appointment of members, their salaries, allowances, and terms of service. These draft rules were published on November 22, 2023.

The rules outline the approach for the appointment of part-time members of the Commission, ensuring a diverse range of expertise. Members are categorized based on their experience in management, law, economics, medical ethics, health research, consumer or patient rights advocacy, and science and technology. Vacancies will be filled promptly from a recommended pool, and a Search-cum-Selection Committee will be established to recommend suitable candidates for vacant positions.

For part-time members appointed by states and union territories, a rotation system is introduced. The selection process involves a draw of lots, conducted transparently in the presence of the Union Health Secretary. No state or union territory can be represented by more than one nominee simultaneously.

The rules also cover the appointment of members from dental faculty, nomination of experts to the Search-cum-Selection Committee, and the salaries, allowances, and terms of leave for the Chairperson, members, and Secretary of the Commission.

Furthermore, the rules extend to the Autonomous Boards, outlining the appointment, salaries, allowances, leave, and other conditions of service for the President, whole-time members, and part-time members of each board. The Commission’s powers and functions are expanded to include studying ways to reduce the cost of dental education, adopting modern technology, and deciding the manner of hearing appeals against Autonomous Board decisions.

To ensure transparency and accountability, provisions for the declaration of assets, professional and commercial engagements, and involvement by members, the Chairperson, and the Secretary are included.

The rules also address the compensation and termination process for employees of the erstwhile Dental Council of India, now under the purview of the National Dental Commission.

The draft rules will be taken into consideration after December 22, 2023. Objections and suggestions, if any, may be addressed to Shri Rakesh Kumar, Deputy Director, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Room No. 504, A wing, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi. These objections and suggestions may be sent through e-mail at and

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