PGMEB Implements New Evaluation Procedure


The Post Graduate Medical Education Board (PGMEB) has announced the immediate implementation of a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This announcement was made on November 17, 2023.

Pertinently, the PGMEB is an autonomous board of the National Medical Commission (NMC). One of the functions of the board is to determine the standards of medical education at the postgraduate level and super-speciality level. It must also ensure that such standards are in accordance with the NMC’s regulations and shall oversee all aspects relating thereto.

Presently, the new SOP pertains to the evaluation of the examination process. This forms a part of the inspection for recognition, recognition against increased intake, or renewal of recognition for a course of qualification.

The key points of the new SOP are as follows:

1. Virtual Examination Evaluation:

  • Medical colleges and institutes are now required to conduct examinations in accordance with the guidelines in the Post Graduate Medical Education Regulations (PGMER).
  • Additionally, it is now mandatory that the entire examination process is video recorded. This includes recording details about the examiners, the examination process, information about the cases presented, and the theses of the students, among other relevant data.
  • With the implementation of this SOP, there will no longer be a need for inspections of the examination process. Universities are encouraged to proceed with the conduct of examinations as scheduled.

2. Post-Examination Physical Assessment:

  • Physical assessments of medical colleges/ institutes will now occur after the completion of the examinations. This assessment will focus on evaluating the infrastructure, clinical material, investigative material, and other facilities.
  • The examination details recorded during the virtual evaluation will be an integral part of the post-examination assessment.

3. Request for Compliance:

  • The Post Graduate Medical Education Board urges all medical colleges, institutes, and assessors to adhere to the newly implemented SOP for evaluation purposes.
  • This approach aims to streamline the evaluation process, enhance transparency, and ensure the quality and integrity of medical education.

It is expected that these changes will contribute to a more efficient and comprehensive assessment process.

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