Guidelines for support in the mining and mineral sector


The Ministry of Mines has issued GUIDELINES FOR SUPPORT TO MINING RESEARCH to plan, support and coordinate mining, mineral and metal based research in public interest for enhancing the understanding of the mines and geology, and devising strategies and solutions for conservation and mining protection and management.

The guidelines have following objectives:

  1. To generate information and knowledge required for developing strategies, techniques and methodologies for better mine management.
  2. To find practical solutions to problems of mining and management (e.g. management of mining leases, conservation of mineral resources, solving of strata control problems in mines, regeneration of degraded areas etc.)
  3. To build endogenous capacities and strengthen scientific manpower in multidisciplinary and emerging areas of mining.
  4. To promote development of infrastructure facilities, where necessary, for undertaking mining research.
  5. To generate, document and analyze information for taking policy decisions relating to the mineral resources.
  6. To support basic research which leads to applied research in the area of mining with the aim of development of management and policy interventions.
  7. To facilitate database management at one single point in the Ministry.
  8. To promote applied research in the areas of minerals upgradation, conservation, utilisation including waste management and new & strategic minerals, metals and materials development.
  9. To motivate scientists & technologists for applying their expertise to the problems of the Mining Sector.
  10. To promote research, development and adoption of Science & Technology for improving quality of life of populace in Mining districts of the country.
  11. To develop new/improve existing technology to improve the diversity of the local economy, utilization of local resources and to upgrade the skills of miners in the country.
  12. To selectively promote the general capability in the relevant areas of science& technology by supporting need based R&D projects.
  13. To encourage young scientists/inventors for pursuing innovative research ideas which have direct relevance to the development of the sector.

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