National Pharmacy Commission Bill 2023 Proposes Big Changes


The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has proposed the introduction of the National Pharmacy Commission Bill 2023. This legislative endeavor aims to establish the National Pharmacy Commission, marking a departure from the existing framework defined by the Pharmacy Act, 1948.

The proposed bill underscores a comprehensive approach towards enhancing the pharmacy education system. The draft bill emphasizes improving access to quality and affordable pharmaceutical education. It also stresses on the availability of highly skilled pharmacy professionals across the nation.

The Bill has been published and is now available for public scrutiny and commentary. As part of the public consultation process, stakeholders and interested parties are encouraged to provide their insights and feedback on the Bill.

The bill envisions a pharmacy education system that fulfills the following broad objectives:

  • aligns with national health goals
  • promotes equitable and universal healthcare.
  • makes pharmacy services accessible to all citizens.
  • encourage pharmacy professionals to stay abreast of the latest research and
  • motivates pharmacists to contribute to advancements in the field.

Furthermore, the bill proposes a periodic and transparent assessment of pharmacy institutions. Additionally, it also facilitates the maintenance of a comprehensive pharmacy register for India. The bill emphasises on high ethical standards in all facets of pharmacy services. Moreover, it seeks to remain flexible, adapting to evolving healthcare needs.

Notably, one of the key objectives is to establish an effective grievance redressal mechanism, ensuring accountability and transparency in the functioning of the National Pharmacy Commission.

In conclusion, the National Pharmacy Commission Bill 2023 seeks to achieve national health goals and promote a robust pharmacy education system. It contemplates a system that aligns with the changing needs of the healthcare landscape.

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