Karnataka Compulsory Service by Candidates Completed Medical Courses (Amendment) Ordinance, 2023


The Karnataka Government issued an Ordinance in the Official Gazette on 8th November, 2023,  to amend the Karnataka Compulsory Service by Candidates Completed Medical Courses Act, 2012 (Karnataka Act 26 of 2015).

Both Houses of the State Legislature were not in session thereby to the satisfaction of the Governor’s immediate action was taken to implement the Ordinance. The amendment is made in Sections 3, 4 and 5 of the existing Act which deal with the Compulsory service of candidates who have completed medical courses, post graduate medical courses and  super specialty graduate courses respectively. 

The amended provision provides for compulsory rural service training in Government Primary Health Centres but only in the existing vacancies specified by the State Government. Provided that if candidates are selected for regular Central or State Government service, such candidates shall be exempted from the rural service training. In regards to the stipend, the State Government shall specify the amount to be paid as stipend. 

Candidates who do not undergo the compulsory rural service training or refuse to work or not comply with the conditions specified by the State Government shall not be eligible for permanent registration under the State under Karnataka Medical Registration Act, 1961 or under the India Medical Council Act, 1956.

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