Supreme Court delegates Decision on Pet Coke Allocation to CAQM


The Commission on Air Quality Management (CAQM) has issued notice for Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) manufacturers regarding import of Raw Pet Coke (RPC). This notice was issued on 2nd November, 2023.

The notice observes that the Supreme Court of India, through its order dated 10th October 2023, has delegated several issues concerning pet coke to the Commission. These issues, including the allocation of pet coke to calciners, have been entrusted to the Commission for resolution.

In response to the Supreme Court’s directive, the Commission has promptly constituted a Sub-Committee to address the matter and make decisions accordingly.

CPC manufacturing industries interested in obtaining an allocation of imported RPC are now instructed to provide the necessary details in a specified format. The details should be submitted via email to, and the deadline for submission is the November 14, 2023.

Furthermore, CPC manufacturing units that wish to present their case before the Sub-Committee formed by the Commission can request a hearing by sending an email no later than the November 14, 2023.

It is crucial to note that failure to provide the required details within the stipulated time frame will result in the presumption that the respective CPC manufacturing unit does not wish to import RPC.

This decision by the Supreme Court and the subsequent actions taken by the Commission underscore the importance of ensuring fair and transparent allocation of pet coke to calciners.

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