Draft Petroleum (Amendment) Rules, 2023


Central Government vide notification dated 31st October, 2023 has issued the draft Petroleum (Amendment) Rules, 2023. Draft shall be taken into consideration on or after the expiry of a period of forty-five days from the date of publication and objections and suggestions which may be received from any person within the period specified above will be considered by the Central Government.

The objections and suggestions, if any, may be addressed to the Joint Secretary (M&OR), Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, New Delhi-110001 or sent by email at: js.mkt-png@gov.in.

The amendment provides that no person shall import any ISO tank container filled or intended to be filled with petroleum without obtaining import permission from Chief Controller or Controller. Any person seeking import permission under sub-rule (1) shall submit to the Chief Controller or Controller –

  1. Application in Form VII(A)
  2. A copy of valid licence issued in Form XV having adequate capacity to accommodate whole contents of the ISO tank container;
  3. Manufacturer‘s inspection, test reports and two copies of design drawings showing design details, water capacity of the tank, its fittings and particulars of specifications of the materials of construction of the ISO tank container duly endorsed by the competent agency of the country of origin;
  4. A copy of periodic inspection and testing including hydrotest certificate and Container Safety Certificate (CSC) issued by competent agency of the country of origin;
  5. Three copies of mounting drawing for transportation by road duly approved by the Chief Controller or Controller
  6. Safe operating procedure for handling and transportation of the ISO tank container from the port of import to the end use location
  7. Self declaration for approximate date of return of ISO Tank Container after unloading or its retention in India on permanent basis.

No petroleum shall be imported by air or unloaded except at the airports authorized for this purpose by the Central Government in consultation with Chief Controller.

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