FSSAI Launches Eat Right Creativity Challenge for Millets on World Food Day 2023


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) unveiled the “Eat Right Creativity Challenge for Millets,” known as Shree Anna, to mark World Food Day. It issued a press release on this occasion dated October 16th, 2023.

This national-level initiative is designed to encourage the consumption of millets among school children, with the aim of extending its numerous health benefits to a wider audience. The campaign is part of FSSAI’s measures during the celebration of the International Year of Millets (IYOM) to raise public awareness about the nutritional advantages of millets through various channels.

The competition encompasses a range of activities, catering to students from Class 3 to Class 12, including Poster Making (Class 3-5), Rangoli (Class 6-8), Slogan Writing (Class 9-10), and Essay Writing (Class 11-12). These contests will be conducted at both regional and national levels, all centered around the theme of millets to sensitize school children about the health benefits linked to millet consumption.

Winners of the competition will receive cash prizes and certificates, with 160 regional prizes and 40 national prizes up for grabs for each of the four competitions. Registration for the competition is now open, and schools can sign up through the official portal.

The “Eat Right Creativity Challenge” (ERCC), as a part of FSSAI’s Eat Right India movement, aims to tap into the creative potential of students to instill healthy dietary habits. Furthermore, this competition encourages schools to create an environment that promotes healthy and safe food practices and engages, excites, and enables students to adopt healthier lifestyles. To date, three successful ERCC events have been conducted in multiple phases, each with its own unique theme.

Recognizing that young people are influential agents of change who can positively impact their communities when it comes to healthy eating, the ERCC reflects FSSAI’s unwavering commitment to promoting health, nutrition, and sustainable dietary practices among India’s youth.

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