West Bengal Govt. extends tax exemption for High Speed Diesel and Petrol


The government of West Bengal has issued a notification extending the tax exemption for High Speed Diesel and Petrol. This notification was issued on 29th September, 2023.

The Governor of West Bengal has hereby made an amendment to Department notification No. 242-F.T., dated February 22, 2021, which was published in the Kolkata Gazette, Part I, and has undergone subsequent amendments.

The amendment, effective immediately, pertains to a date change. In the existing notification, the date mentioned for specific actions was “30th day of September, 2023.” However, with the newly issued amendment, this date has been revised to “30th day of June, 2024.”

This change is considered to be in the public interest, and the Governor has exercised this power to extend the deadline granting the benefits of the tax exemption.

The Governor’s decision to amend the notification reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring that the public’s interests are taken into account while implementing tax regulations. This change in the deadline will provide stakeholders with additional time to prepare and make the necessary adjustments to meet the revised timeline.

This amendment underscores the flexibility and responsiveness of the government in addressing the evolving needs and concerns of the public and the business community. It is anticipated that this adjustment will be well-received by those affected by the West Bengal Sales Tax Act, as it allows for a smoother and more manageable transition period.

For further details and information regarding the amended notification, individuals and entities are encouraged to refer to the official government sources and publications, as well as seek guidance from relevant authorities to ensure compliance with the revised provisions of the West Bengal Sales Tax Act.

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