FSSAI emphasises on Safety and Quality of Edibles and Raw Materials ahead of Festive Season


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) convened a crucial meeting with Indian sweets manufacturers to underline the importance of compliance in ensuring the safety and quality of edible products and raw materials. The meeting, held on Monday, September 25, 2023, witnessed participation from sweet manufacturers and associations nationwide, with over 150 food business operators in attendance.

The primary focus of the meeting was to sensitize the ecosystem concerning perishable, high-risk edibles, with a commitment to delivering safe food from manufacturing to the consumer’s plate. Discussions encompassed manufacturing practices, storage, distribution, and point of sale, emphasizing the need for compliance at every stage of the supply chain.

A significant emphasis was placed on curbing adulteration in raw materials, particularly in milk and milk products such as Khoa, Paneer, and Ghee, which are susceptible to adulteration and contamination during the high consumption festive season. Food Business Operators (FBOs) were urged to prioritize testing and ensure the purchase of raw materials, especially milk, Khoa, Ghee, and Paneer, exclusively from vendors registered and licensed by FSSAI.

Furthermore, FBOs were reminded of the importance of monitoring the quality of oil used during frying, in strict compliance with FSS regulations. Safe display practices for loose sweets were stressed upon, and outdoor cooking practices were discouraged due to their potential to expose food and raw materials to environmental contaminants, posing risks to food safety.

The meeting concluded with a collective appeal to all stakeholders, urging them to take unified action to guarantee the production of safe and high-quality sweets for consumers, particularly during the upcoming festive season.

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