ESIC seeks to identify unregistered establishments


Employees State Insurance Cooperation vide circular dated 21.09.2023 has directed Registered Offices(RO) to identify the coverable but not covered units under ESIC. In order to identify uncovered factories/units/establishments/employees, ROs in charges are advised to liaise with EPFO, Other Departments of the State and Central Government or their local Officers like Central Board of Secondary Education, Universities, Food and Drugs Administration, Field Offices of Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Corporate affairs, MSME, GST, Confederation of Indian Industry etc. and obtain data available with them regarding factories/establishment registered with them.

The list obtained from the above agencies shall be first scrutinized at the level of ROs/SROs and already covered units in the list should be segregated and the units which may find to be coverable a letter may be issued to such employers to get them covered under the provisions of the ESIC explaining the provisions of the Act and the benefits available to the IPs. If the unit does not take the ESI no. the survey may be conducted with the approval of RD/SRO I/c.

A list of such cases along with the source of information may be sent to Hqrs Revenue Division for information.

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