Amendment in Export Policy of Food Supplements Containing Botanicals


The Central Government has issued an amendment to the Export Policy, 2018. The Amendment was notified on 11th September, 2023 and has come into immediate effect.

This amendment, which aligns with the Foreign Trade Policy 2023, impacts the export of specific products falling under ITC (HS) codes 1302 and 2106.

Revised Export Policy Conditions

Under the amended policy, the export of Food Supplements containing botanicals to the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) originating in or consigned from India, and intended for human or animal consumption, will be subject to new conditions:

  1. The export of these Food Supplements to the EU and UK is allowed subject to the issuance of an official certificate issued by the Export Inspection Council (EIC)/ Export Inspection Agencies (EIAs). EIC/EIAs are designated as the Competent Authority for the issuance of this certificate. The official certificate will be granted based on a satisfactory analytical test report from EIC/EIC approved laboratories, meeting the requirements set by the EU.
  2. In addition to the existing conditions, a new provision allows the export of Food Supplements containing botanicals to the EU and UK for a period of three months from the date of this Notification. The official certificate can be issued by the designated Export Promotion Council (EPC), SHEFEXIL, which serves as the Competent Authority. This certificate will be based on a satisfactory Analytical Test Report from NABL accredited laboratories specifically for ETO testing of Food Supplements containing Botanicals, as approved according to EU requirements.

Impact of the Amendment

This amendment introduces stricter regulations on the export of food supplements containing botanicals to the EU and UK, aiming to ensure the quality and safety of such products for human and animal consumption. The involvement of designated Competent Authorities and accredited laboratories will enhance the scrutiny and verification of these supplements before export.

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