BIS revises Standards for Petroleum Products and Other Products


The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has revised certain standards for Petroleum Products and Other Products such as dyes. This notification was published on 23rd August, 2023.

The BIS has also revised the following standards:

  • IS 1448 (Part 51) : 2023 Petroleum and its Products — Methods of Test Part 51 Copper Strip Corrosion Test for Lubricating Greases (First Revision)
  • IS 1448 (Part 68) : 2023 Petroleum and its Products — Methods of Test Part 68 Determination of Evaporation Loss of Lubricating Greases (22 Hour Drying) (First Revision)
  • IS 12628 : 2023 2-Amino-4-Nitrophenol, Technical — Specification (First Revision)
  • IS 13842 : 2023 m-Ureidoaniline, Technical — Specification (First Revision)

It has also established a new standard; IS 18299 : 2023 Structural Design and Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Structures — Requirements.

All of these standards have been established on 10th August, 2023.

It is pertinent to note that the previous versions of these standards will stand withdrawn on 10th September, 2023.

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