Payment of Stipends to PG Medical Students


The Post Graduate Medical Education Board (PGMEB) has issued an advisory on Payment of Stipends to PG Medical Students. This advisory was issued on 24th August, 2023.

The PGMEB had conducted an online survey on the issue of stipend being paid to Under Graduate Interns and Post Graduate Medical Students in self-financed/ private medical colleges. This survey received 10,178 responses from PG students. Out of these, 7901 responses were from PG students of 213 private medical colleges of 19 states and 2 UTs and these were analysed by PGMEB.

This analysis showed the following results:

  • A total of 2110 PG students across the country stated that they are not receiving stipend
  • 4288 students responded that stipend that they received is not equal to the stipend being paid in Government Medical Colleges in the state
  • 1228 students students stated that the stipend given by the colleges/ institutes is taken back by the management

The PGMEB has reiterated that as per the Post Graduate Medical Education Regulation, 2000, ‘The Post Graduate students of the institutions which are located in various States / Union Territories shall be paid remuneration at par with the remuneration being paid to the Post Graduate students of State Government medical institutions / Central Government Medical Institutions, in the State/Union Territory in which the institution is located.

Therefore, in light of this, all self-financed/ private medical colleges are directed to implement this requirement,. The NMC will take strict action for non-compliance with the provisions of the PGMER, 2000 if any complaint is received in the future.

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