India Launches Digital Healthcare Portals at One Earth One Health Advantage Healthcare Event


The Union Health Minister of India delivered a keynote address at the “One Earth One Health Advantage Healthcare India” event in Gandhinagar, alongside dignitaries including Union Minister of AYUSH, Minister of State, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Minister of State, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and Director-General of the World Health Organization.

The Union Health Minister highlighted India’s significant contributions to global health and digital healthcare. During the event, the Health Minister launched two important digital portals, ‘The Advantage Health Care India – One Stop Digital Portal For Patient’ and ‘Workforce Mobility.’

The ‘Advantage Health Care India’ portal is seen as a milestone that aligns with India’s commitment to global healthcare innovation. The Union Health Minister emphasized that these portals address critical challenges in healthcare and offer tangible solutions.

India boasts a highly skilled healthcare workforce, including 1.3 million Allopathic Doctors, 800,000 AYUSH doctors, and 3.4 million Nurses & Auxiliary Nurse and Midwives. India plans to establish organized workforce mobility, enabling Indian healthcare professionals to serve the global community.

India’s approach to healthcare emphasizes patient-centric and value-based care. The country aims to contribute to an inclusive healthcare ecosystem, emphasizing medical value travel, knowledge-sharing, and sustainable partnerships, strengthening the global health architecture.

Dignitaries Discuss Global Healthcare:

The Union Minister of AYUSH, highlighted the significance of India’s traditional healthcare systems in modern times. He stressed the importance of harmonized strategies for traditional medicine through effective international, regional, and national governance.

The Minister of State, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, emphasized the integration of traditional and modern medicine to achieve affordable and accessible healthcare.

The Minister of State, spoke about India’s vision of One Earth One Health and its plans to provide health services to other countries through ‘Heal by India’ and ‘Heal in India.’ He underlined the importance of creating a global healthcare network with patient well-being at its core.

Value-Based Healthcare and Global Collaboration:

The Director General, World Health Organization¬†discussed how Medical Value Travel can complement countries’ efforts to build national healthcare capacities. He highlighted the role of Digital Health in providing accessible medical care.

The event also witnessed bilateral meetings with European Union, Germany, and Saudi Arabia, focusing on various aspects of healthcare collaboration, including traditional medicine, medical value travel, and digital health. These meetings aimed to strengthen global healthcare systems and cooperation.

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