FAQs on Agroforestry


The Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education has published FAQs on Agroforestry. These FAQs were notified on 16th August, 2023.

The FAQs explain that agroforestry is a combination of practicing agriculture and forestry together on the
same unit of land. It is a traditional practice recognizing and promoting trees and/or livestock on farms in a special arrangement pattern. It focuses on the interaction and interdependence of various elements in nature rather than on individual elements.

Agroforestry systems are classified into three categories based on the type of component:

  • Agrisilviculture (crops + trees),
  • Silvopastoral (pasture/livestock + trees); and
  • Agrosilvopastoral (crops + pasture + trees).

The publication covers the following aspects:

  • Introduction to Agroforestry
  • State-wise list of potential agroforestry species.
  • Species specific FAQs
  • Home Garden Agroforestry
  • Agroforestry models developed by ICFRE
  • Felling and Transit Regulations
  • Agro-Climatic Zones in India Categorised by the Planning Commission

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