UGC Guidelines for Institutional Development Plan for Higher Education Institutions


UGC has issued Guidelines for Institutional Development Plan for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Main Objectives and Goals to be Achieved by IDP includes the following:

  1. To articulate a clear vision and mission of the institution and align these with National Education Policy 2020, NCrF, SDG and institute’s educational and research activities.
  2. To assess institutional developmental needs through wide consultative processes.
  3. To identify Capacity (human and financial) and Organizational Gaps, based on goals and priorities.
  4. To develop Annual Activity Plans to build capacity and remove gaps.
  5. To establish a transparent system for holistic and inclusive growth and development of HEI through the application of all relevant opportunities (Digital Technologies) for ensuring optimal utilization for balanced overall growth.
  6. To establish an operative framework to promote the Internationalization, entrepreneurship, employability, and integration of skilling into Higher Education.
  7. To ensure meaningful engagement of all stakeholders in the development and implementation of its IDP.
  8. To quantify the institution’s goals using Indicators and Time-Bound Targets, and Implementation Plans.
  9. To undertake Periodic Reviews and appropriate measures for continuous improvements.

The IDP needs to reflect an integrated approach that is mindful of the institution’s vision and mission, context, life cycle stage, location, character, and aspirations. While each dimension represents a vertical and has depth, the need to integrate these into an optimal whole cannot be over emphasized. The overarching purpose and aims of each unique institution are the key determinants of the mix of choices that will create excellence for the institution.

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