Punjab Urban Planning and Development Building (Amendment) Rules, 2023


The Governor of Punjab has issued the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Building (Amendment) Rules, 2023. The amendment provides following provisions:

Maximum floor to floor height of Booths or Shops or Shop-cum-Offices shall not be more than 14′-0″. Clear height of the basement shall not be more than 3 meter.

100% Ground Coverage for all types of Shop-cum-Offices’ subject to fulfillment of the following conditions, namely:-

  1. The width of road, abutting the rear side of Shop-cum-Offices’, shall be minimum 20 feet and maximum 80 feet;
  2. No entry or exit shall be allowed on the service lane or road, abutting the rear side of the Shop-cum-Offices’;
  3. There shall be no front of residential plots on the road at the rear side of Shop-cum-Offices’;
  4. 100% ground coverage shall be mandatory in complete row of Shop-cum-Offices’;
  5. Any service or equipment of the building i.e. air conditioner or gas cylinder or diesel generator set shall not be installed on the road or plaza at the rear side of the Shop-cum-Offices’.
  6. An undertaking in this regard shall be obtained from the applicant to ensure the installation of these services or equipment on the roof;
  7. It is mandatory to provide the window at the rear side of the Shop-cum-Offices’ to ensure the provision of light and ventilation and the sill level of this window shall be minimum 2.5 feet and this window shall not be used for any service; and
  8. If Shop-cum-Offices’ are proposed back to back then the distance between the Shop-cum-Offices’ must be at least 10 meters. Apart from this, if the applicant wants to propose entry or exit on both sides then the corridors must be proposed on both sides.

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