Draft Framework for Accreditation and Ranking of Colleges Regulated by NMC


The National Medical Commission (NMC) has published the Draft Framework for Accreditation and Ranking of Colleges Regulated by NMC. This framework was published on 6th August, 2023.

The Draft Framework provides for the Operational Definition of Criteria mapping with NMC Regulations for Assessment and Rating of Medical Colleges. This includes the following 8 criteria:

  • Criterion 1- Curriculum: This criterion aims to capture information related to implementation of Competence Based Curriculum prescribed by Medical Regulators for UG and PG programs. Some parameters of qualitative nature & some parameters of quantitative natures are subsumed under this criterion.
  • Criterion 2- Practical/Hand on/Clinical Experiences: Based on the curriculum laid down by the Medical Regulator for UG and PG programs in Medical Education, students will be provided with mandatory hands-on experiences in Clinical and Procedural Skill Laboratories.
  • Criterion 3- Teaching –Learning Environment: – Physical, Psychological & Occupational: This criterion deals with ‘Teaching-Learning Environment’ created by Medical College/Institution. Parameters subsumed under this criterion are predominantly dealing with physical and psychological teaching learning environment. Under this criterion for physical aspect of teaching learning environment parameters like physical support facilities for Library, Laboratories, Audio-visual aids facilities/ICT facilities, support facilities for sports and extra-curricular activities, hostel accommodation and physical safety measures have been set forth.
  • Criterion 4- Students’ Admission & Attainment of Competence: The parameters set forth under this criterion predominantly deal with student admissions, the attainment of competences, and placement status.
  • Criterion 5- Human Resource & Teaching-Learning Process: This criterion deals with the regulations laid down by Medical Regulators for the requirements of faculty staff for UG and PG programs. This criterion also covers the types of teaching and clinical training methods employed by faculty staff, aligning with the Competence-Based Curriculum prescribed by Medical Regulators for UG and PG programs.
  • Criterion 6- Assessment Policy: Formative, Internal & Summative Assessment: This criterion predominantly deals with formative, internal and summative assessment vis-à-vis competence based Curriculum by Medical Regulators.
  • Criterion 7- Research Output & Impact: Under this criterion, parameters like number of research papers published in indexed journals, number of citations, number and type of funded research projects completed/ongoing in College, number of patent filed/granted, number of Faculty staff in PG Programs recognized for PG Guides etc. are subsumed.
  • Criterion 8- Financial-Resource: Recurring & non-recurring expenditures: Under this criterion, those parameters are kept which are proxy for effective teaching learning process and clinical training of students. Amount spent on procurement of consumable material/articles in Laboratories, amount spent on purchasing of Books & Journals, amount spent on augmentation of resources for indoor & outdoor sports facilities, amount spent on conducting Professional Development programs for Faculty staff, amount spent on salary of teaching & nonteaching staff etc., all these parameters are proxy for how effectively students are provided with learning experiences in Laboratory based simulated set up, how faculty staff are provided with opportunities for enhancing their teaching & training skills for implementation of Competence based Curriculum etc.

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