INC urges the Monitoring of Anti-Ragging measures in Nursing institutions as per UGC Guidelines


The Indian Nursuing Council (INC) has issued a circular urging all nursing institutions to monitor Anti-Ragging measures as per University Grants Commission (UGC) Guidelines. This circular was issued on 3rd August, 2023.

The UGC has issued comprehensive guidelines during its 15th Inter Council Committee Meeting. These guidelines are applicable to all Universities, State Registration Nursing Councils, and Nursing Schools/Colleges across the country.

According to the guidelines:

  1. Revised Procedure for Online Anti-Ragging Undertaking: All Universities, State Registration Nursing Councils, and Nursing Schools/Colleges are required to adopt the revised procedure for filing online anti-ragging undertakings. The revised procedure is now available on the websites and This undertaking underscores the commitment of students and educational institutions to combat ragging effectively.
  2. Display of Anti-Ragging Posters: The UGC mandates all Universities, State Registration Nursing Councils, and Nursing Schools/Colleges to download and prominently display four anti-ragging posters on their Notice Boards and Websites. These posters can be accessed on the official website of the Indian Nursing Council at and also on This measure aims to create awareness and discourage any incidents of ragging within the premises of the institutions.
  3. Utilization of Penalty for Anti-Ragging Awareness: The UGC strongly advises all nursing institutions to utilize any penalties collected from ragging incidents occurring within their campuses for creating awareness about anti-ragging activities within the institution. By channeling these funds towards awareness campaigns, the institutions contribute to fostering a safe and friendly atmosphere for their students.
  4. Action Taken Report on Anti-Ragging Website: Nursing institutions are required to submit an action taken report on the anti-ragging website regularly. This report should contain updates on the status of any complaints related to ragging that arise in their respective institutions. Additionally, institutions are expected to promptly close the complaints on the website as and when they are resolved, demonstrating a proactive approach to addressing such incidents.
  5. Rolling Posters and Videos on Electronic Notice Boards: To further reinforce the message against ragging, the UGC emphasizes the need for electronic Notice Boards of Universities and Nursing institutions to feature rolling posters and videos on anti-ragging measures. These dynamic displays on their websites and college premises will constantly remind students of the institution’s commitment to creating a ragging-free environment.

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