Special Ministerial Consultations and Recommendations on Global Biofuels Alliance


The Energy Transitions Ministerial Meeting recently brought to the forefront the significance of Fuels for Future (3F) as a priority area for driving sustainable energy transitions. A standalone consultation and recommendation event for the Global Biofuels Alliance (GBA) took place on 22nd July 2023 in Goa.

The initiative received robust support from countries within and beyond the G20, with nineteen nations expressing keen interest in becoming the initiating members of the alliance. A total of fifteen countries and nine international organizations actively participated in the event, signaling a momentous stride towards fostering the development and deployment of biofuels through a multi-stakeholder global alliance.

Esteemed Energy Ministers from thirteen countries, along with Heads of nine international organizations, including India, Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Kenya, Mauritius, Paraguay, Seychelles, the United States, UAE, and Uganda, attended the event and warmly welcomed the initiative. The presence of these influential leaders underscored the global importance of biofuels as a low-carbon pathway and highlighted the urgent need to collaborate on clean energy initiatives.

Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas & Urban and Housing Affairs emphasized the significance of biofuels and stressed the importance of turning the Global Biofuels Alliance into a people-centric project, involving all stakeholders.

Multiple countries emphasized the appeal of biofuels as a low-carbon solution and recognized the necessity of engaging in clean energy initiatives. Despite the enormous potential of biofuels, various challenges continue to impede their widespread adoption. The forum addressed issues such as feedstock management, standards development, and technological innovations, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach.

The Secretary of Energy, US, hailed the establishment of the Global Biofuels Alliance as a critical step in their biofuels journey, expressing excitement to move from “test tube to test drive and field to fuels.”

The Minister of State of Mines and Energy, Brazil, highlighted the importance of multiple forms of energy to meet sustainable energy needs and emphasized the alliance’s significance.

International organizations such as the International Energy Agency (IEA), International Energy Forum (IEF), International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), World Bank, World Biogas Association, World Economic Forum, and International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) also reinforced the vast potential of biofuels and expressed their support for the alliance.

ICAO emphasized the immense scale of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) required to replace all fossil fuels and called for close collaboration among stakeholders to realize this goal.

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