Extension in timeline for registration and self-evaluation for the Star Rating of Coal and Lignite Mines


The Ministry of Coal has taken a proactive step to encourage greater participation and ensure accurate self-evaluation by extending the last date for registration and self-evaluation for the Star Rating of Coal and Lignite Mines. The new deadline has been pushed from 15th July to 25th July 2023. A press release to this effect was issued ion 19th July, 2023.

The initiative, which was set in motion on 30th May, 2023, aimed at registering all Coal and Lignite Mines for the Star Rating of the financial year 2022-23. The Star Rating portal became accessible for registration from 1st June, 2023, and the response has been highly encouraging, with 377 mines already registered as of 14th July 2023.

Recognizing the significance of this initiative and its potential to drive sustainable mining practices, the Ministry of Coal has decided to extend the registration period. The additional time will provide an opportunity for more mines to come forward, complete the self-evaluation process, and contribute to the promotion of responsible and eco-friendly mining practices.

The Star Rating system holds immense importance in enhancing the overall performance of Coal and Lignite mines. It evaluates and rates mines based on various parameters, including environmental sustainability, safety standards, and social responsibility. By encouraging greater participation, the Ministry aims to create a positive impact on the mining sector, encouraging mines to continuously improve their practices and operations.

The Ministry of Coal urges all eligible mines to take advantage of the extended registration period and participate in the Star Rating system. By showcasing their commitment to environmental sustainability and safety, mines can foster greater confidence among stakeholders and contribute to the advancement of the mining industry.

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