Manual of Methods of Analysis of Foods- Beverages: Tea, Coffee and Chicory


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recently given its stamp of approval to the “Manual of Methods of Analysis of Foods – Beverages: Tea, Coffee, and Chicory.” An Order dated 17th July, 2023 was issued to this effect and comes into immediate effect.

The FSSAI had given its stamp of approval to this manual on the 42nd meeting of the Food Authority held on 30th May, 2023.

With a focus on ensuring food safety and quality in India’s thriving beverage industry, the newly approved manual will serve as a vital resource for laboratories across the country. By providing standardized testing methods for beverages like tea, coffee, and chicory, the FSSAI aims to raise the bar for the sector’s overall safety and compliance standards.

Effective immediately, all relevant laboratories are mandated to adopt and adhere to the guidelines outlined in the manual while testing these beverages. The FSSAI is committed to continuous improvement in its regulatory measures, and thus, any future changes or updates to the test methods will be notified separately to ensure seamless compliance.

Stakeholders in the food and beverage industry are encouraged to direct any queries, concerns, or suggestions related to the manual to the FSSAI via email. The designated email addresses for this purpose are: and

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