Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (Fees) Regulation, 2005


The Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission on 17 July, 2023 issued the second amendment to the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (Fees) Regulation, 2005. This amendment aims to address the increasing establishment costs and inflation, ensuring the commission can continue to discharge its functions efficiently.

Application and Licensing Fees: The second amendment revises the fees associated with applications for licenses in the transmission, distribution, and trading sectors. Previously, the application fee for a transmission, distribution, or trading license stood at Rs. 30,000/-. However, with the second amendment, the fee has been revised to a flat rate of Rs. 90,000/-

Annual License Fees: Licensees, including transmission, distribution, and those exempt from licensing, are required to pay an annual fee. The amendment introduces a revised fee structure, ensuring a fair contribution from licensees based on their operations. Under the revised fee structure, transmission licensees are now required to pay Rs. 3,000/- per MW of allocated capacity as an annual license fee. In comparison, distribution and exempt licensees are obligated to pay 0.20 paise per unit of energy (kWh) to be handled during the year. Previously, the fees were Rs. 1,000 per MW of allocated capacity for Transmission License and Distribution License, and 0.067 paise per unit of energy (kWh) respectively.
Tariff Determination

Application Fees: Generating companies seeking tariff determination are now required to pay Rs. 20,000/- per MW for conventional generators, with a maximum of Rs. 200 Lakhs. Renewable generators, on the other hand, are subject to a fee of Rs. 15,000/- per MW, with a maximum of Rs. 150 lakhs. Prior to this Rs. 10,000 per MW with a maximum of Rs.25 lakhs.

Dispute Adjudication and Other Petitions Fees: For adjudication of disputes under specific sections of the Electricity Act, 2003, a fee of Rs. 90,000/- is applicable. If the relief sought exceeds Rs. 100 lakhs, the fee is increased to Rs. 1,50,000/-. Petitions under other provisions of the Act now require a fee of Rs. 30,000/- for licensees/generating companies and Rs. 3,000/- for individuals/consumer organizations. Prior to this For adjudication of a dispute u/s 33(4) and 86(1) (f) of the Act Rs. 25,000 For adjudication on adequacy of Transmission capacity u/s 9 of the Act Rs.25,000.

Review of Commission’s Orders Fees: To streamline the review process, the amendment establishes a clear fee structure for reviewing different types of orders issued by APERC. A review of orders issued under specific sections of the Act attracts a fee of Rs. 1 Lakh, while a review of orders issued under different sections requires a fee of Rs. 50,000/-. For other reviews, a standard fee of Rs. 3,000/- is applicable.

Miscellaneous Petitions Fees: To cover the administrative costs of handling miscellaneous petitions, individuals are required to pay Rs. 5,000/-, while others must pay Rs. 10,000/-.

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