Wild Life Disposal of Wild Animal Article Rules, 2023


The Indian government has introduced a new set of rules known as the Wildlife Disposal of Wild Animal Article Rules, 2023. These Rules were notified on 12th July, 2023 and come into effect from that date.

The rules aim to regulate the disposal of wild animal articles, trophies, uncured trophies, and meat derived from wild animals that belong to the State Government or the Central Government.

These rules outline the procedures for disposing of such government property. According to the regulations, the Director of Wildlife Preservation, the Chief Wildlife Warden, or an authorized officer appointed by the Central or State Government can issue an order for the incineration of the government property. The order will specify the place, date, and time for the incineration process.

Moreover, the incineration process must be conducted in the presence of a committee formed by the Chief Wildlife Warden. The committee will consist of several members, including an officer responsible for safeguarding the property, a representative from the local Gram Panchayat, a representative from the Revenue Department (ranked no lower than a Tahsildar), and a wildlife expert.

Following the incineration, the committee will be required to submit a report to the Chief Wildlife Warden within ten days, detailing the process and its outcomes.

It is crucial to note that every order issued by the Chief Wildlife Warden or the authorized officer must be in writing, signed, and dated by the respective individual. This requirement ensures proper documentation and record-keeping throughout the disposal process.

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