The Dept. of Atomic Energy notifies the Date of Coming into force of the Atomic Energy (Amendment) Act, 2015


The Dept. of Atomic Energy has notified the date of coming into force of the Atomic Energy (Amendment) Act, 2015. A notification to this effect was issued on 11th July, 2023.

The notification states that 15th May, 2023 will be the date from which the Atomic Energy (Amendment) Act, 2015 has come into force.

It may be recalled that amongst other provisions, the Atomic Energy (Amendment) Act, 2015 states that a licence for the acquisition, production, possession, use, disposal, export or import of any plant designed or adopted or manufactured for the production, development and use of atomic energy or for research into matters connected therewith can be granted only to a Department of the Central Government or any authority or an institution or a corporation established by the Central Government, or a Government company.

Furthermore, it also provides that any such licence granted to a Government company shall stand cancelled in case the licensee ceases to be a Government company. All assets thereof shall vest in the Central Government free from any liability and the Central Government shall take such measures for safe operation of the plant and disposal of nuclear material so vested in it.

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